Dan McNally founded the Spring Canine Academy in 1994 as a part time business.  Dan left his former career as a structural steel designer to operate Spring Canine as a full time, full service dog training facility in 1997.  Since 1994 Spring Canine has had several assistant trainers and has trained over 1,500 dogs of all ages and all breeds on an individual lesson basis.


Dan McNally CDBC 

Professional credentials
· Certified Dog Behavior Counselor (CDBC) - International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants
· Registered professional dog trainer - American Canine Academy in 1994
· Advisory Committee member - Harrisburg Area Community College's Animal Care Provider program
· Testified in court - expert dog behavior witness
· Trained other trainers who now have their own training businesses
· Helped clients achieve obedience and Canine Good Citizen titles

· Trained at the American Canine Academy under master trainer Greg Reeves in all phases of dog training
· Regularly attends training conferences and seminars and workshops to keep up with current techniques
· APDT Annual Educational Conference Attendance 1995 - Present
· Extensive dog-training library

Canine Organizations
Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)
· Charter member 1994 - Present
· Past Member - Board of Directors 2004-2006
· Co-Founder - Legislative Affairs Committee
· Former Member - Member Communications Committee and Member Relations Services Committee

International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC)
· Member 2003-Present

Author and Publisher
Available in 2007-2008
The Canine-Understanding Series (Booklets)
· Aggression
· Common Behavior Problems
· Energy Control
· Fear
· Housetraining
· Learning
· Raising Rover

Association of Pet Dog Trainers Newsletter - The Chronicle of the Dog
· Understanding Your Costs And Pricing Your Services (Sept/Oct 2002)
· What every dog trainer should know about Protection Trained Dogs (May/June 2004)
· Thinking About Adding Board And Train To Your Services? (Sept/Oct 2004)

Contributing Author
The Dog Trainers Resource - APDT Chronicle Of The Dog Collection  by Mychelle Blake, Editor

Dog Fancy – Breed bites – Training philosophies (March 2010)

Kimberly McNally  

Kim got her start in training quite by accident. Having been a restaurant manager for over three decades, she was often chosen to train subordinates because of her calm and friendly demeanor. She worked in two restaurants as a training manager. Being foremost a cat and horse person since childhood, her first dog Minuet (a German Shepherd Dog/Collie/Pit Bull mix) was the true test of her training abilities.
Using the principle known to many as "the golden rule" she set out to train her puppy. In the training world however, the method she was utilizing was closer to positive reinforcement than the golden rule. She realized that she was the owner of a potentially dangerous dog (in other people's eyes anyway) and set out to expose Minuet to all kinds of people, situations, and other animals. Her foresight wound up producing a wonderful companion to her for almost sixteen years.
Because she is literally a very hands on person, she enjoys working with puppies the most, but can handle any dog that she comes into contact with, Her special gift is helping troubled dogs with all kinds of fears and her favorite canine-therapy she calls is, "want love" and has yet to meet a dog who does not respond well to it. She's been instrumental with helping to rehabilitate "difficult" and "challenging" dogs and has a soft spot for dogs that are labeled, "bully breeds" because she is well aware of what the dog breed-type truly is and works tirelessly to assist dog owners create a safe canine member of their own family. She also works hard to help create awareness of BSL, Lyme Disease, and MS worldwide.

· Trained at the Spring Canine Academy under Dan McNally
· APDT Annual Educational Conference Attendance 2004 - Present
Canine Organizations
Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)
· Member 2005 - Present
· Former Chair - Legislative Affairs Committee

What you won’t find here at Spring Canine Academy:
  • A beautifully well manicured lawn. Kim is the official grass-cutter here at SCA when she has time and weather permits. She retired from her resturant manager job of 35+ years and is still recovering from it. When she wasn’t working 50 plus hours a week, the lawn was well manicured and the flowerbeds were amazing. She is hoping to get it back in shape once again...it took a long time for nature to take it over and it's going to take time to get it back to the way it was.
  • Cardboard cutout kennels. Our dogs live here in the house with us. Your dog will too if you choose to hire us to board and train your dog. They may be crated at night, but that’s for their protection and ours. Kim gets in from work a lot in the middle of the night. We don’t want to frighten a dog by a new person walking in on them…she may or may not have met your dog.
  • Concrete dog yard. Would you like to go potty on a hard surface? We didn’t think so. Neither do the dogs.
  • Substandard trainers. True, Dan talks a lot. He gets paid to. And even though he’s a bit of a klutz, he can (and will) show you how to do things. You’re paying for his canine experience and extensive knowledge of canine behavior. Kim isn’t a klutz however, and will actually get on the floor (on all fours, usually) and engage your dog. She’s kind of touchy-feely like that.
  • A set lesson plan. Dan had one drafted up years ago and learned early on that the ever-changing needs of his clients and his dogs didn’t merit the time and energy spent creating one since it usually wasn’t followed any way. We teach your dog and you what you need, not what we think you need. We will however, help you come up with ideas and ways to implement those ideas. Our goal for you is a happy dog, a happy household and a happy family. We will help in any way we can.
  • A “facility.” We live here. It’s a 100+year-old farmhouse and it needs work. But since we don’t charge an arm and a leg and your first born (we could easily train then for you too though, it all works the same), we have to pick and choose what we work on. Kind of like you do.
What you will find here at Spring Canine Academy:
  • Golf ball sized holes in some of the windows. Some people shouldn’t play golf. We think most of them seem to play at Manor. Unless grass-cutting is to commence, there are usually golf balls all over the place. If you're a golfer, feel free to take them and use them for practice balls. Please.
  • Barn cats. We ask that you not allow your doggies or kids try to catch them. Many of them are old and they’re a wee-bit cranky sometimes.
  • Chickens and or goats. They belong to the next-door neighbor. Please let Dan or Kim know so that they can contact the neighbors to retrieve them.
  • Horses. Please don’t approach her unless you’re accompanied by one of us. IF you should happen to see more than one, let us know that too. They belong to one of two neighbors. Please don't approach them either; you don’t know them and like an unknown dog, they can hurt you.
  • If the weather’s been inclement, there will more than likely be muddy pay prints on the outdated 70’s carpet in the kitchen. That’s precisely why we have outdated 70’s carpet in the kitchen instead of the gorgeous hardwood floor that lies beneath it. When it dries, it gets vacuumed up.
  • Possibly dishes in the kitchen sink. We don’t have a maid service to come in and clean, although we’d love it if we did. Maybe we can train your first-born. No? Oh well…
  • Dog-friendly techniques. We do not use force methods (shock, choke, prong collars, forcing your dog into position), but discover ways to teach your dog how you want him or her to behave in a way that doesn’t frighten or intimidate your dog. The only correction your dog will experience is that he or she won’t get what he or she wants if he or she doesn’t do what we want. We believe there is no reason to hurt, or intimidate any animal (or any person for that matter) for any reason. Period. Dan’s been doing this for a long time and hasn’t found anything that he can’t fix using dog friendly methods. It’s up to you to use what he’s taught you and your dog at home and while out and about.
We are people who care…if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be here. We care about your dog, your family and your household. Your dog will be treated like one of our own and will be worked several times a day and be included with the family dog while staying here. During lessons, you and your dog will enjoy a secure and approachable environment for ease of learning.
Once you’re a client, you’re always a client and we like to think of clients as family.

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