He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."
- Unknown
Sarge -- 1998-8/15/2012

Our good buddy Sarge peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 8:45 PM, Wednesday.

He came to us as a severe behavior-modification case. Terrified of thunderstorms, fireworks, and other loud noises, as well as suffering from severe separation anxiety, he joined the McNally household for
behavior-modification therapy in the summer of 2005 and remained with us until his passing. Full of personality, Sarge was very stubborn and way too smart for our own good, but he was also very loving and sweet (when he wanted to be). He was a master escape artist, who'd make even Houdini proud and made friends with all the neighbors and the golf course staff very quickly upon arrival. He is survived by this "brother" Gilligan, who seems to understand that his buddy is no longer with us and will be laid to rest on Long Island, NY.
Rest easy, Sargie...and know that you were loved...

Lady Victoria of Hay Creek Manor

9/23/1995 - 5/30/2012

Companion Dog, Obedience Dog, Agility Dog, Rally Dog, Therapy Dog, Camper, Actress, and Best Friend. Vicky was also a canine trainer of puppies of Dan's father's dog-training business known as The Puppy School that was located in Bernville, PA.

Sirius will burn brighter tonight for you Vicky, to help guide you to Heaven...

Minuet, Kim’s aging Collie-German Shepherd Dog-Pit Bull mix passed away August 2, 2008. Minuet had a heart murmur for most of her life, as well as an allergy to fleas, and suffered from a thunderstorm phobia as a young dog. Still, she lived to be well over fifteen years of age and was a high confident, well-adjusted dog, right up to the end. Minuet (who never did really grow into her ears) acted as a normal terrier did and was never really aware of how small she actually was, having put many a pooch in their place. While she was smallish in stature, she was big in attitude and heart; she loved her momma, kittens, pups, and little kids the most. She never had any formal protection training, but she was a great watchdog, as she had a booming voice that would make most people think twice about breaking and entering. During her travels across the country, she could smell out a McDonald's well before passing the actual building and because of that, we shared a hamburger happy meal before she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was surrounded by those who loved her most (with the exception of “her” aging cat, Max) Dan, Gretchen, Rashia (“her” husky) and of course, her human mom Kim, who held her as she took her last breath.


She will rest on our property next to her buddy Cerb, keeping watch over the crazy golfers.
Max came into Kim's life in 2000 while she was living in Manitou Springs, Colorado. She had just recently lost her beloved cat Boodessa of sixteen years and had forgotten what it was like to have a kitten in the house again. She'd never had a thing for Ginger-cats, but due to his intelligent, playful and very sweet nature, he wound her around his little paw within no time. She had him leash-trained and taught him all of the verbal and visual cues that she had taught Minuet. It was a joke that he thought that he was a dog. Max was especially fond of Minuet and loved torturing Rashia. In his twilight years, he became a big fan of Lucky, a barn-kitten that Kim had saved and taught her all things "Big Kitty."
Max passed away on Kim's birthday and she buried him on Hallowe'en 2013 with all of the barn cats looking on...Max always loved an audience...

Max was laid to rest near his beloved Minuet by the golf course.
Halo came to us from Ohio. After Dan's first GSD Jill passed away, Dan wanted another one Gernam Sheperd. Halo was a smart girl and learned quickly, but we wanted a pet and not just another working dog...although she did work occasionally if we needed a large distraction dog. She was loving and playful and a joy to be around. She succombed to an inoperable brain tumor in Feburary of 2015. We will miss her greatly.
Rashia crossed the Rainbow Bridge two weeks after Halo from natural causes. She was fourteen years old and the Grand Dame of the place as well as our Puppy Ambassador. As a puppy, Rashia (then Angel) was found chained to a tree at a campground, abandoned, emaciated, dehydrated and full of parasites; the chain had been around Rashia's neck for so long and was so tight that her skin had begun to grow around the chain. Seeing that, Kim released her from her torturous bondage and took her home to live with her and her family. Rashia was Km's second dog and proved to be a challenge that she wasn't really prepared for, like house training and an adolescent was an adventure and a half! She was well traveled and quite the Engineer, having once dug a cavernous multi-room den six or seven feet beneath the ground while living in Colorado.
Her patience with puppies was amazing and her presence is greatly missed.
Once upon a time, the name "Moose" really DID fit him. Moose was a registered Service Dog and was our prime testing agent for Canine Aggression because he was so laid back. Was he always like that? Oh noooo...Kim described him as an "explosive trainwreck of a dog in desperate need of sirius help". Moose was a SCA Alumnus and is probably the biggest feather in our proverbial cap and earned his CGC (Canine Good Citizen) in 2010. He'd come such a long way and really loved it if you rubbed on his belly...once he was "off work." Oh and we also had to warn kids not to sit on the floor...he would happily use your lap as a seat cushion.
Tessa came to us as a failed foster. Her former owner could no longer keep her and asked if we'd help to find a home for her. We learned that Tessa's Dam and Sire were both show dogs and was almost euthanized as a puppy because of a small defect in coloration on her face. Lucky for us and her that she wasn't! She was exceptionally amazing in public (if she could talk, she would have toldl you: She was a DIVA!) She had the honor of being SCA's primary Canine-Ambassador for when we did public demos because she was small, fluffy and cute...everyone loved her (and she loved the attention). She was OUR consummate Show Dog. We just wish she was more of a girly-girl--She had a wicked hipcheck for obnoxious dogs and she could (and usually did) get down and dirty with the best of them...very dirty. We miss her very much.

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