We teach the basic skills that you need your dog to have. These basic skills will give you the tools to teach your dog the rules that you need him/her to know to be successful in your household and lifestyle.


  • Coming to you when you call your dog.
  • Basic positions such as “Sit”, “Down”, and “Stand”.
  • Stay in place when asked.
  • Heel, a more structured way of walking on the leash.
  • Controlling your dog’s energy.



Solutions to common problems


  • Sitting when greeting people instead of jumping up.
  • Walking with a loose leash instead of pulling on leash.
  • Your dog becoming more aware of his/her teeth instead of play biting.
  • Waiting when you open the door instead of bolting through the door.
  • Ignoring your belongings instead of stealing or chewing your belongings.
  • Any other issues you have with your dog.

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