If you wish to progress even further with your dog's training, Spring Canine academy offers advanced training.  This program is designed to advance your dog's training toward an off-leash level.  We work with fading out any extra signals your dog has learned, including your presence.  The exercise we work with are designed to teach your dog to respond to your cues alone without relying on your presence, body position or proximity.



We work on producing a reliable recall with distractions such as coming to you despite a treat being on the ground along the way, coming to you despite being distracted by a loose dog.


Distance Cues

Right now, your dog has associated the cues we have taught him with you being in front of your dog.  We work with increasing the distance your dog will respond to your signals until you can ask your dog to "sit', "down", or "stand" wherever he is in relationship to you.



We work with increasing the duration and distraction level when your dog is in a "stay".  We introduce distractions such as another dog running past your dog and other people calling your dog.  We also work with being able to leave your dog's sight and maintain his "stay".


Stays in Motion

We teach your dog to stop and stay even if he is moving or even running.


Cues on Recall

We teach your dog to respond to "sit", "down", stand" and "stay" as he approaches you.


Cues on Heel

We teach your dog to respond to "sit", "down", stand" and "stay" while you are heeling him.  We can get him to a point where you can reliably ask him to "sit", "down", stand" and "stay" while you continue walking.



We prefer to conduct the advanced training program during daylight hours, as we will be doing more of the training outside.

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