Spring Canine is a full service dog training facility.  We can address most any training issue or need you desire.  The types of training we offer includes, but is not limited to the following:

Basic Training and Manners
Basic training, the standard obedience commands, and household manners.

Advanced Training
Working toward off leash reliability in any and all situations.

Puppy Training
Teach your puppy how you want him to behave before he develops bad habits on his own.

Puppy Socialization
Socialization is vital for puppies to prevent fear and aggression problems.

Problem Prevention
Most common behavior problems can be prevented much more easily than fixing them later.

Problem Solving/ Behavior Problems
Solving common behavior problems such as pulling on leash, jumping up, housetraining, and chewing.

Fear Problems
Spring Canine Specializes in more severe behavior problems including fear of humans, other dogs, or any other type of fear problem.

Aggression Problems
Spring Canine Specializes in more severe behavior problems including aggression towards humans, other dogs, the veterinarian, or any other type of aggression problem.

Personal Protection
Creating a safe, stable dog that can protect you when needed.

Getting ready for obedience competition or the Canine Good Citizen test.

Creating a show ring heel and a self stack.

Creating the hunting sequence, holding a point, and a reliable retrieve.

Personal Assistance
Specialized training customized to your specific situation.

Specialty Training
Spring Canine can accommodate your specialty training needs.

Free Consultation
We offer a no cost, no obligation consultation.  This allows us to:
· Meet you and your dog
· Better understand the issues that need to be addressed
· See what training level, if any, your dog already has achieved
· Explain and demonstrate how we approach dog training
· Answer any questions you may have about us, our training methods, or programs
· Gives you the opportunity to decide if we are the best trainers for you

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