This is what some of our clients have to say about Spring Canine Academy...

We adopted a collie that we called Lassie from a shelter, and had no idea on what we had taken on.  We had already called the shelter and were going to return her, which was not an easy choice for us.  One morning while I was walking her she attacked another dog, and living in a communty with lots of other dogs this was not acceptable.  The shelter had told us that several families prviously had returned Lassie, and that we were her only hope for a future.  Our family came to the conclusion that we needed help, and decided to call Dan McNally at the Spring Canine Academy, and give Lassie a second chance.  When we began training with Dan, Lassie responded to Dan's kind, gentle, and patient training techniques.  Half way through the training we were all thrilled at the progress that Lassie had made.  She was not only responding to voice commands but to also some hand signals.  Her confidence grew as the training went on, and she is now an obedient, relaxed, and happy dog, and is now a part of this family.  Dan has helped us save her life, so that she could begin a new one with us.
Thank you for your training skills,
Charles, Sandra and Lassie


Our family was given a puppy, and soon we realized that he had fear issues that we were unable to control.  He was becoming more and more afraid to meet new people and dogs.  Any new situation was very frightening to him and us, because we were never sure how he was going to respond.  We took him for training classes elsewhere and they were unable to get through his issues, so we called Spring Canine Academy.  Dan McNally not only helped Chewy through his fear issues, but also our own.  He gave us the tools we needed to have confidence in dealing with situations as they arose.   After several months of training with Dan,  Chewy is now going anywhere the family goes, pulling children in a cart through town, and even living peacefully with our cat-which we never thought would happen!  He is no longer afraid of the world around him, and he is a well trained dog that we are so proud to have as part of our family.  Thank you, Dan!  Our family is very grateful for your help with Chewy!  

Pat, Bill, Jeri and family


We adopted Harley, a Yorkie-Chihuahua stray mix from the Lancaster Humane League in July.  She was difficult to handle so we took her to Dan of Spring Canine after our vet recommended him to us.  And we're glad we did.


Dan trains you to train your dog.  His sessions are informative, interactive, and pleasant.  Additionally, the booklet we were given containing different articles on dog training is packed with information, and a good read.  Each week we came up with different questions that were addressed in depth - even ones we didn't cover in a session.


We always looked forward to Harley's weekly session with Dan.  We thought it was much better interacting with her under Dan's tutelage rather than just sitting and watching him do it. We are now empowered to move forward training Harley at home - every day. 


We'd recommend Spring Canine to anyone who not only wants to learn to train their dog, but understand why they're doing it.

Ed & Michelle Morris

Shillington, PA


Hi Dan!  It is Sharon, Sydney's owner!

I wanted to write and say hi and just thank you for all your help with training her.  I just got back from a vacation with her to the beach and she did awesome with all the people and the other dogs!  I just wanted to write and thank you for all the techniques and your hard work with us.  It was great to see her be able to enjoy herself and not be so afraid of everything around her.  Thanks again and I hope everything is well with you.


Take care,



A brief note of thanks

When my wife and I found out that we were expecting a baby in December, we also began working with our 7 year old Black Lab mix, Ash.  We worked on behavior, where he should go and not go, and everything else we could think of.  When our son was born, we sent the blanket home to get him used to the scent of someone new, but even with all of our work, when we brought our son home, Ash didn’t adapt well.  He barked.  A lot.  He was hyper-focused on our newborn and wasn’t responding to anyone.  After 2 nights of not sleeping and dog that couldn’t be in the same room as our baby, we didn’t know what to do.  We called Dan at Spring Canine, who we had worked with in the past, and he gave us a list of things to work on, but we both realized that my wife and I had our hands full and couldn’t train Ash and parent our child, so Ash went to Spring Canine for 2 weeks.  When he returned, he was a different dog.  He listened, didn’t bark at our son, and in fact, when our son cried, he went to find one of us!  Dan and Kim worked with Ash for 2 weeks to react correctly to a baby’s cry, going as far as buying a baby doll so he could get used to seeing people with a baby.

Our family would not be complete without Dan and Kim and Spring Canine.  I cannot recommend them enough.

Greg, Katie, Steven, Ash and Mazyzie


Thank you for your kind words! It's been a privilege working with you and your canine companion!

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